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  • From: Anon in Mississippi

    # of Reports: 6

    Rec'd call 10/24/13 @5:22 pm (CTZ) Initially a pre-recorded message ... "selected to receive free senior emergency alert monitoring device ... plus $1000.00 in free grocery coupons ... press 1 to get details, 9 to be place on their 'dnc' list ... limited time offer." Red flags in message, but I wanted more details, so I pressed 1 and got real person on line (sounded like he said 'Carl'). When I asked how my name and/or number was obtained, got a song and dance about having "opted in" either by mail, phone, on-line order, medication/prescription service, survey ...etc etc. I told him that wasn't possible ... don't use over half those things, and very carefully OPT OUT of everything else. As I asked more specific questions (like how much is the monthly fee; what is the activation fee), the more generic the answers became (suspiciously script-like) and no real information was provided. Numerous news and BBB reports found alerting seniors about similar scam robo-calls. It is definitely NOT the 'Help, I've fallen ...Life-Alert' - they even have a warning on their web-site. Sounded like scam, so I blocked # - but if called again, I'll report it.

    10/24/2013 06:48:46 PM

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